How much does it cost to ghostwrite a book?
The fee ranges from $7,500 - $10,000 for books of all genre, depending upon the length, time and nature of the story. (See Fees.)

What does the Literary Ghostwriter’s fees cover?
The fee to ghostwrite your book covers all interview time between me, you, and any other participants to obtain the required information. It includes all research time, writing, editing, rewriting, and may include help in self-publishing from establishing your business to book production. The ghostwriter’s fee does not include travel or lodging, although travel time is included, if necessary. If you email JTilles@aol.com, I would be glad to send you a sample contract which will give you all the details.

How are fees paid to the Literary Ghostwriter?
There is an initial deposit to begin work and then subsequent monthly payments broken out in even amounts to run concurrently with each phase of work that is completed. I accept cash, certified checks, and money orders. I do not accept personal checks. I do accept PayPal. Please add an additional 4% service charge to each PayPal transaction.

How long will it take to Literary Ghostwrite my story?
A well-organized, short business book can take as little as 2 months. Ghostwriting a life story, a novel, or an inspirational work can take from 6 to 8 months.

Does the Literary Ghostwriter get any credit?
Generally not unless you want to give it. You own all the rights to your ghostwritten book including the copyright. The ghostwriter does not participate in any royalties or other income you may derive.

Does the Literary Ghostwriter work on a contingency?
No. I am paid a flat fee over the life of the project. I do not participate in any royalties nor do I wait until your book is published or made into a movie, for a deferred payment.

Does the Literary Ghostwriter provide any other services?
Absolutely. When your story is nearing completion, I will consult with you on all of the newest self-publishing techniques, processes, and costs if that interests you (included in fee). I can also consult with you and develop a professional package to seek out a qualified literary agent to represent you.

How do I know the Literary Ghostwriter won’t steal my idea?
At your request, I will send you a signed non-disclosure agreement that protects you and covers all your legal rights prior to discussing your story.

What qualifies you to be a Literary Ghostwriter, and why should I trust you with my story?
I am a best-selling author in my own right, having written several of my own books. I have more than 30 years of experience as a writer, 16 years as an award-winning publisher, and 16 years of editing and ghostwriting.

My passion is writing, and has been since I was a child, and to date, I’ve written and ghostwritten more than 20 books on a wide range of subjects.

Please feel free to contact me at
jessica@twasolutions.com or call (202) 702-7120 with any additional questions you may have.
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